Backup for pmm-server and data container

hello, you have any suggested process or method or scripts for backing up the pmm-server and data containers

pmm-server container is a regular disposable docker container, there is no sense to backup it. You can always create the same new one.

pmm-data container contains data with some retentions (8 and 30 days) and those data are most recent metrics.
There are no long-term, historical or trending data on it, so again I don’t see any point to backup it as well.

The reason i am asking for backup is if a machine were to go down, we wouldn’t have the 30 days or the 90 days retention we would like keep for the monitoring data. if we install the new data container we wouldn’t have the comparative data for which we retained. Also what will happen to all the clients. They need to be reinitialized if we loose that data.
On a separate note, I like the pmm-server very much and i think you guys did a fantastic job putting it together conveniently to install a complex piece of software packaged into a container and made the install and configuration easy and manageable I did the 1.0.7 install and hoping you get the notification piece functional starting with this version.

In the next major version, we plan to consolidate data volumes into a single partition, so it will be better managed on data container and could be even easily exported to an external volume. Currently, you need to manually export data from the data container and then use those volumes with pmm-server container. It will allow to have volumes under backup in whatever way.