GCP,GKE: cluster will not be scheduled for an automatic upgrade to v1.25 (from 1.24) due to deprecated API

Deprecated APIs


percona-server-mongodb-operator/v0.0.0 (linux/amd64) kubernetes/$Format

→ where is this hidden ?
→ can this be fixed by applying the correct resource (and which one) ?

To make it clearer:

It seems that in “Percona Operator for MongoDB” a beta version poddisruptionbudgets is referenced. But where is this located ?

Hi @jamoser !
I don’t see that we reference this in operator v1.14.0, which operator version are you using?

Hi Tomislav

We still use 1.11/12.0 … I guess we need to update 1.13/14.0 where v1beta1 seem to be have removed.

Ticket can be closed.


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