Failed to establish two-way communication channel: context canceled. component=client

PMM works fine for a period like 2 weeks or 1 months, but facing “failed to established two way communication” issue on some of the agents. we are not using any proxy behind the connectivity for server to agent connection.

some times restarting pmm-server helps to reconnect agent, but pmm2-admin list command not showing any output, simply stalled. Then again it went to the same issue.

we have a oneway port opening from client to server.

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Hi Mano,

It’s important for you to check that the client can correctly connect to the PMM server in these cases. Have you tried troubleshooting this while you are seeing these issues? Using ping, telnet (to the PMM port) and curl can help you with this task.

Do you see any other messages or errors in the PMM client logs? Check on:

journalctl -u pmm-agent

Additionally, check: