ExtraDB Cluster - MyIsam Engine - Delete is not replicated

Hi there,

I have an ExtraDb Cluster with 2 nodes (both are master).
I use an CakePHP script to delete some records from a MyIsam table.
The records are deleted from the first machine. But the second machine is not synchronized after delete operation and it still has the records.

If I delete records manually from first machine, everything is working fine and data is synchronized.

Can you please give me any tip where to look/configure ?



My first comment for you is that PXC should be run with minimal 3 nodes to avoid nasty split brain.
Secondly, PXC supports only InnoDB engine at the time of writing. My advice to you is to review the documentation for PXC as these are fundamental points that once understood along with the other basics will help you avoid future issues.

Best regards.