Exposing mongodb cluster on aws always create an unwated "classic" load balancer

We are using latest helm on kubernetes on AWS with the settings
TCP:8080 TCP:32726 Not applicable Not applicable

exposing any service and adding these annonations
creates x number of replica load balancers (network) (expected) but it always created a “Classic” load balancer as well despite only one service is being exposed.
exposeType: LoadBalancer
service .beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-type: “nlb”
service .beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-internal: “true”
service .beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-subnets: “list of private subnets”
service .beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-backend-protocol: TCP

The above contains spaces because its created hyperlinks and prevent me from adding it.

We would like to expose the service just as a 1 load balancer internally outside of kubernetes cluster.

actually found out it was everest clt causing this behaviour not a helm chart

Hi @Rafal_Zdziech, for now, using Everest, you do not have the possibility of choosing a type for LB. We will add this possibility in the near future.