Exluding collection from the backup

Hello guys !

Do we have a list somewhere on what is going to be added in the next release of PBM ?

I’ve read a lot of issues on the Jira but I didn’t see anyone asking for a option to exclude collection on the backup like for the huge collection that are purged once in a while
Is this not possible by design or it clashes with the way PBM makes the backup ?
Or maybe a way to select only the time range of the data in the collection that we want ?
This might be not possible, I get it :slight_smile:

I’m currently using PBM latest release 1.6.1

Is there a way to log the backup progress outside of the PBM Unit logs ?

Best regards and have a great day !

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Hello, thanks for reaching out! Feel free to open a feature request in Jira for any feature you think is useful. Re: your question about logs PBM doesn’t have the ability to write them elsewhere at this time so you’d need to investigate how to do it with systemd.



Yes, I will open a feature request :slight_smile: thank you
And I will work my way through systemD Unit to extract the log elsewhere then

Thanks again

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