Error with message "envs: fs-pvc storage has unsupported type filesystem"

Hello all, I have both backup and pitr configured in the configuration of a perconaxtradbcluster in Vanilla Kubernetes. In the extract that configures this part I have established the following:

    allowParallel: true
    image: percona/percona-xtradb-cluster-operator:1.13.0-pxc8.0-backup-pxb8.0.32
      enabled: true
      storageName: fs-pvc
      timeBetweenUploads: 60
        type: filesystem
            storageClassName: nfs-csi
            accessModes: [ "ReadWriteOnce" ]
                storage: 2G
      - name: "daily-backup"
        schedule: "0/10 12 * * *"
        keep: 6
        storageName: fs-pvc

However, even though the BACKUP WORKS correctly, the PITR reports the ERROR below:

   message: >-
     get binlog collector deploy for cluster 'clusterdb': get storage
     **envs: fs-pvc storage has unsupported type filesystem**
   reason: ErrorReconcile
   status: 'True'
   type: error

If someone could help me. thank you.


The configuration looks fine.

Can you please share a few details in order to dig down this further ?

Storage /volume info.

shell> kubectl get pvc
shell> kubectl describe pvc pvc_name 
shell> kubectl get pv volume-name
shell> kubectl get storageclass 
shell> kubectl get storageclass nfs-csi -o yaml

Operator related logs:

kubectl logs percona-xtradb-cluster-operator-6f4f56f5d5-qp2hb > operator.log

Individual PXC pod logs

kubectl -n pxc logs cluster1-pxc-1 --prefix --all-containers > PXC1.log
kubectl -n pxc logs cluster1-pxc-2 --prefix --all-containers > PXC2.log
kubectl -n pxc logs cluster1-pxc-3 --prefix --all-containers > PXC3.log

Note:- Please change the information as per your environment.

Also, could you please confirm the OS environment where you have hosted the operator ? Was PITR working before or you facing issue since the initial setup ? Any latest changes in the environment or configurations ?