Error: option 'datadir' has different values

Hi everyone,
I’m running percona-xtrabackup in a test environment and I’m getting that weird error :

Here is the full output :

I created a local file percona.cnf with the following line :

datadir = /var/lib/mysql/

Then ran innobackupex :

innobackupex --host= --user=percona --password=mypassword --defaults-file=percona.cnf /data/percona/db/

But know I get this :

What can I do ?


Xavier C.

Ok, it’s not possible to backup a remote host. The --host parameter is set when you want to store your backup to a remote server :

Older version of Percona Xtrabackup (2.0) has the --remote-host option, but latest versions of PXB (2.1 and 2.2) don’t support it anymore.