Error Log has "Got an error reading communication packets" after patching MySQL to 5.7.30

Hello Team,
I are seeing  "Got an error reading communication packets " message in the error log after patching the instance to MySQL 5.7.30.
Please advise.
Thank you,

Hello Sachin,
You can try to check this blog,the%20problem%2C%20not%20the%20server.

Hi @sachinambardekar
Please check max_allowed_packets setting and tune it if requires higher value.
Check processlist if this is caused by timeout settings. 

Thanks vaibhav_upadhyay40 . We are seeing below messages in error log file only after applying 5.7.30 patch. We never encounter this before. 

 [Note] Got an error reading communication packets

[Note] Got an error reading communication packets

I have seen tens of millions of those over the years Ive researched and looked and tried everything… Ive never been able to get rid of them as it is only a NOTE vs a warning or anything else I have just ignored them