Error in MongoDB backup trying to create a backup

I’m trying to create a backup to do a test, one first On Demand backup on a three nodes replica set with this Service name:

  • percona-mongodb-mongodb
  • percona-mongodb-2-mongodb
  • percona-mongodb-3-mongodb

It seems to me that everything in configured correctly such as:

  • service name, pmm agent
  • local path of the backup

I can see in theCreate Backup on demand page all of three Service name where I can choose from where I can create the backup.

But when I click on Backup I get the following error:

Service percona-mongodb-mongodb must be a member of a cluster
I checked many times but the problem is still there.

Hi @Enrico_Bevilacqua. I think you didn’t add the --cluster flag when you were adding your mongodb instances to monitoring. We have it in our docs. Please check here step 6

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