Error checksumming table Incorrect decimal value

Hello during the checksum after a server crash i can’t checksum one table, i get this error:

Error checksumming table knox.prestazioni_dettagli: Error executing checksum query: Checksum query for table knox.prestazioni_dettagli cause
d MySQL error 1366:
Level: Error
Code: 1366
Message: Incorrect decimal value: ‘’ for column ‘’ at row -1
Query: REPLACE INTO heartbeat.checksums (db, tbl, chunk, chunk_index, lower_boundary, upper_boundary, this_cnt, this_crc) SELECT ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,
COUNT(*) AS cnt, COALESCE(LOWER(CONV(BIT_XOR(CAST(CRC32(CONCAT_WS(’#’, id, idprestazione, idtariffa, iddescrizionetariffa, moltiplicatoretariffa,
costofornitore, costocliente, costoclientefinale, userdefined, minimofornitore, minimocliente)) AS UNSIGNED)), 10, 16)), 0) AS crc FROM knox
.prestazioni_dettagli FORCE INDEX(PRIMARY) WHERE ((id >= ?)) AND ((id <= ?)) /checksum chunk/

The table was cheched and repaired with mysql and now it’s ok.

thank for your help


You mean before server crash, there was no errors from pt-table-checksum ? What version of pt-table-checksum you use ?

$ pt-table-checksum --version

Also, please show exact command you used for pt-table-checksum