ERROR 1146 (42S02): Tablespace doesn't exist after Xtrabackup Restore

I had 1.4 Tb of mysql database which I migrated over network using streaming and compression.

On Source-- Mysql 5.6

On Destination – MySQL 5.7

I followed below steps.

On Old Server


sudo innobackupex --user=MYSQL-USER --password=MYSQL-PASSOWORD --stream=xbstream --compress --compress-threads=3 --parallel=4 . | ssh -T -o Compression=no testus@DEST-HOST ‘cat - > /data/full/backup.xbstream’

On New Server


xbstream -x < backup.xbstream -C /data/backup/

cd /data

mkdir mysql

sudo chown mysql.mysql mysql -R

sudo chmod 775 mysql -R

mv backup/* mysql/.

xtrabackup --decompress --parallel=12 --remove-original --target-dir=/data/mysql

xtrabackup --prepare --apply-log --use-memory=100G --target-dir=/data/mysql

sudo chown mysql.mysql /data/mysql -R

Started Mysql 5.7 and did mysql.upgrade

I got error for my partitioned table as follows.

mysql> show create table table1;

ERROR 1812 (HY000): Tablespace is missing for table new.table1.

Hi Supriya,

Please share the logs of backup/decompres/prepare and mysql so we can check what went wrong.

Hello Marcelo,

Sorry, I had skipped --prepare step which resulted into DB crash.

Anyways, thank you for your reply.