xtrabackup_tablespaces: No such file or directory

sql1 - master server


sql2 - slave



sudo xtrabackup -uroot -p$root_pass --backup --target-dir=/home/dinky/backup/percona

sudo xtrabackup -uroot -p$root_pass --prepare --target-dir=/home/dinky/backup/percona

rsync -avpP -e ssh /home/dinky/backup/percona/ dinky@sql2:/home/dinky/backup/percona/


sudo xtrabackup -uroot -p$root_pass --move-back --target-dir=/home/dinky/backup/percona/ --datadir=/var/lib/mysql/

xtrabackup: Error: cannot open file ‘./xtrabackup_tablespaces’

I can’t find solution.

Hi dinky_sam

can you please share the full log of backup command, prepare and move-back?

Also, can you run on sql2-zone-c:

ls -lah /home/dinky/backup/percona/

This error means the file xtrabackup_tablespaces has not been found at /home/dinky/backup/percona/ on the server you are executing --move-back.

Another possibility is that on source you are using PXB 2.4 and on destination, where you are trying to do the move-back you have PXB version 8.0