Encrypt_binlog parameter issue on PXC 5.7

Hi guys,

I’m trying to enable bin log ecnryption (encrypt_binlog parameter) feature on Xtradb Cluster. Here is the version details;

OS : Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS (Bionic Beaver)

Xtradb Relase : 5.7.31-31.45-3.bionic

wsrep_provider_version : 3.45(ra60e019)

I’m using the following parameters in the conf file.

Encryption parameters






with these settings I can’t bootstrap my first node. When I delete the encrypt_binlog parameter, it bootstraps without any error. When the parameter is enabled It didn’t write any thing in error log. Its fully empty.

I want to ask; can I use binary log encryption on PXC (5.7)?



Hello ibrisim,

Encrypting Binary Logs is available only for PXC 8.0.

On PXC 5.7 you have the option to use Data at Rest Encryption, but this is a different feature.

Hello @eder_santos ,

Bad news for me. Thanks for your reply.