Binary logging confusion

Hi all,

I built a 3-node cluster a while ago using examples from the Percona website.
These all state to use : binlog_format=ROW.
However, none of them set “log_bin” so that means binary logging isn’t even turned on … or am I completely confused and is there no connection between these two variables ?

As far as I can tell the cluster is working perfectly without the log_bin setting.
Maybe I only need it if I want to do point-in-time recovery ?

Any and all answers appreciated, even RTFM ones (if you can point met to the manual to read) :slight_smile:


Hi Jo,

Galera uses the standard binary logging mechanism under the hood for it’s write sets. But log_bin is not required as you don’t need to write binlogs to the disk, but fomat=row is still needed as galera does not work with statement or mixed ones. Sometimes enabling log_bin helps in debugging or in backups (you can stream the binlogs online with mysqlbinlog 5.6).

Hi przemek;

thanks very much for your reply ! Good to hear “officially” that my cluster is ok.
So do I need log_bin for point-in-time recovery then or will that also work with the standard binary logging mechanism ? I’m using xtrabackup/innobackupex.

thanks again & regards