Duplicated index binlog

Hi there!

I have the following issue in our production environment: A duplicated index binlog have been created.

A few months ago I had realized that a new index binlog was created under mariadb-bin.index name, while the old file was renamed into mariadb-bin.index.index. I have been searching if anyone has the same problem, but I couldn’t find nothing.

I have tried reseting binlogs with reset master command, but the file persist there, while the old binlogs have been removed.

Can anyone help me? Is there any risk deleting the file manually?

Thanks in advance!


Hello @Pika,
I would shut down your mariadb server, then you can remove all binary logs and all index files manually. Then start the server back up. That should clear the issue. If it does not, please provide your my.cnf file as you may have a misconfiguration.

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Hello @matthewb ,

Thanks for your prompt answer.

Being a Prod environment, I have to schedule it in a time-window where the impact is minimal.

I will post you with the results.

Kind regards.

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