does xtrabackup 8.0 supports mysql 8.0.4?

mysql version: 8.0.4-rc
xtrabackup version: 8.0.5
os: RHEL7.5

when taking full backup using xtrabackup --backup -uroot -pxxx --target-dir=/backup
it shows err when selecting LSN and binlog file and position, error message like below:

190322 18:46:48 Finished backing up non-InnoDB tables and files
190322 18:46:48 Executing FLUSH NO_WRITE_TO_BINLOG BINARY LOGS
190322 18:46:48 Selecting LSN and binary log position from p_s.log_status
Error: failed to execute query SELECT server_uuid, local, replication, storage_engines FROM performance_schema.log_status: Table ‘performance_schema.log_status’ doesn’t exist

after checking on mysql instance, i find out that performance_schema.log_status table does really not exist in mysql 8.0.4,
and i also find out that this table was introduced in mysql 8.0.11 which is the first GA version.
so is there anyway to take a online full backup for mysql 8.0.4?
thanks in advance.


I do not think we ever tested XtraBackup with non-GA MySQL 8.0.
The best way for you is to perform an offline full backup and upgrade to MySQL 8.0.15

as this instance was used as product db, a long time unavailable which is caused by taking offline backup is hard for us.
anyway, if taking online full backup is a dead way, i think we don’t have other choice.
thanks for you reply.