Does PBM support physical backup for MongoDB Community Edition?

Hi all, recently i was tasked to backup our MongoDB Community Edition sharded cluster.
End up I come to PBM and i found it’s quite powerful.
But I have some concern after I ready through the documentation, seems like the physical backup feature is only supported on Percona Server for MongoDB.
While MongoDB Community Edition only support logical backup.

Is there possible or any workaround that I can perform physical backup on my MongoDB Community Edition shared cluster, without paying for enterprise license in order to use ops manager?
The reason of using physical backup and preferably incremental backup, is due to the our large size database. Which I read from the document saying that backup with logical backup in this case is not suitable.

Thus I would need some advice.
Thank you.

Hello, unfortunately MongoDB does not make hotbackup available on the community edition, so only logical backup will be possible. I encourage you to try the Percona distribution of MongoDB, which is a drop-in replacement for MongoDB Community Edition with extra features and no licensing costs.
Here is some more info: Percona Server for MongoDB - Percona