Does Myrocks Read Free Replication (RFR) feature help with replication performance?

According to Myrocks’ post, RFR improves update replication throughput by ~20%.
I try to reproduce it on my end, but the improvement was ~1-3% by comparing the setup below.
I have 1 leader and 2 replicas (all using MyRocks engine, 1 replica with rocksdb_read_free_rpl variable set to PK_SK, and the other replica as OFF). The leader runs with sysbench oltp_update_non_index and oltp_update_index scripts. For example,
sysbench /usr/share/sysbench/oltp_update_non_index.lua --mysql-user=root --mysql-password=123456 --mysql-db=test3 --threads=1000 --time=20 run
sysbench /usr/share/sysbench/oltp_update_index.lua --mysql-user=root --mysql-password=123456 --mysql-db=test2 --threads=64 --events=2500 --time=0 run

Did you run the same test case as Facebook?

Perhaps the improvement is specific to their testing.

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Thank you! Let me run their testcase. :smiley: