Does encryption at rest need an enterprise license?

I want to implement encryption at rest in our databases.
do i need an enterprise license to implement encryption?
cant seem to see anything that says i need to get an enterprise license.

Absolutely not!! Tablespace Encryption is completely free in MySQL.

Add this to your my.cnf file:


Then restart MySQL. Afterwards, go to your tables and encrypt them:


That’s all you need to do! Tablespaces are now encrypted on disk/at-rest.

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the only reason i will need enterprise is when i need to store the key externally(outside of the database server)?
Or is that still included in the free license?

Just to clarify, Percona Server for MySQL is completely open source. We do not have an Enterprise license. In fact, we have no license at all. “It’s just open source.”

There are several “flavors” of the keyring plugin: file, Vault, KMIP, and AWS. File is a simple file on disk containing the master key. Vault allows you to use HashiCorp’s Vault KMS. KMIP allows you to use any system supporting the KMIP standard, and AWS is for well, AWS’s KMS :slight_smile:

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so no support contract is required to use these products including the vault,kmip and aws key store? or a maintenance fee?
thanks again @matthewb

Correct, we do not charge a single penny for our Percona server software, it’s totally free. But apart from the forum if you ask for customer support, that is a paid service just like any other software software support company , to check more about our support you can check here

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