Documentation typo & pmm role question

MongoDB - Percona Monitoring and Management “Ceate”
Also, while I’m here, why are we assinging PBM roles to pmm user, is it really neccessary to have all these roles for monitoring user:

"role": "pbmAnyAction",
    "privileges": [{
        "resource": {
            "anyResource": true
        "actions": [

Thanks in advance

Hey @Tin_Cvitkovic ,

thnx for sharing.
I sent a pull request to fix the typo: Update - typo fix by spron-in · Pull Request #1097 · percona/pmm-doc · GitHub
BTW, feel free to contribute too :slight_smile:

As for PBM - it is needed for Backup Management feature that we have in PMM: Backup and Restore - Percona Monitoring and Management

Ah, of course.

Thanks for info, can’t keep track of all the awesome things Percona puts out haha :slight_smile: