PMM UI tools for the PBM backup management?

Hi all - I have pbm successfully installed on my mongodb cluster, as well as pmm server/clients set up for monitoring the mongodb service. I am wondering if there is any kind of plugin that can be installed on PMM that enabled things like “backup now” or “restore this backup” through the PMM UI when monitoring the mongodb instance? This would be in addition to the query profile and general metrics that PMM currently surfaces. Or are these backup/restore commands only currently available via the pbm command line?

Thanks for clarifying!

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Hi, Tim

The new version of PMM features Backup Management and an interface to manage backups.

You need to enable it in the advanced settings and configure it.

These documentation pages may help you:

  1. Backup and Restore - Percona Monitoring and Management
  2. Create MongoDB PITR backups - Percona Monitoring and Management
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