Docker image that builds percona from source?

I am interested in a docker image that builds percona from source.

We have several developers using M1 macs for development, and x-arch support is amazing - but still slow. So we’d like to build our own image (since percona does not seem interested in doing this).

If you have a Dockerfile that does a source build, I’d sure appreciate a pointer. I spent a little time trying to do a build myself and ran into various library compatibility problems, so a leg up would be great.


Hi, maybe this repository will help you

We’d love for you to share your results with us.

I did look at these. It looked like they used a base and installed precompiled packages. I did not see one that built from source.

Did I miss one?

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@Evgeniy_Patlan , maybe you can help

Hi @Kurt_Werle
We do not have dockers to build percona-server from sources.
If you want to build percona-server from sources you can use this article:

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Thanks for the pointer - I’ll give that a shot!

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