Disable backups altogether for Percona PostgreSQL


I would like to be able to disable the backups altogether for the Percona PostgreSQL Operator. I am able to disable the scheduled backups, however I am forced to provide a repo (e.g., a volume), for the initial backup to run, otherwise the cluster will not be created. Then, a backup Job is called which creates a full backup, and saves it to that repo.

I understand that this is required for the PITR, however I don’t care about the PITR, as I would like a simpler scenario.

Is it possible to disable the initial backup, and the backups altogether?

hi @Marios_Cako, you can’t completely disable backups for PG v2 operator. Please create the task for https://jira.percona.com/projects/K8SPG and we will include it in one of the next releases.

@Marios_Cako, as I can see you already did it [K8SPG-427] Cannot disable backups - Percona JIRA. Thanks