Different Transaction Isolation Level between Master and Slave

5.5.38-35.2-log Percona Server (GPL), Release 35.2, Revision 674 on both master and slave. Replication Mode is mixed. Slave does not have any second-tier slaves beneath it.

Is it possible/advisable to have different tx_isolation settings between a master and a slave. Currently, both are REPEATABLE-READ. On the slave, we are using INSERT INTO …SELECT for reporting. This results in alot of locking on the SELECTed tables. I am considering changing the slave tx_isolation to READ-COMMITTED, but am unsure if that will somehow impact how the slave applies the logs from the master. The statements are issued by our php application, so I would have to work with the devs to set it at the session level, so was wondering if I could just do it without involving anyone else.