Deploy XtraDB Cluster using Operator and exiting PVC (on K8S) with data.

Hi, we tried to deploy a DR solution on K8S with Storage/Volume layer replication (NetApp). We replicated data from one location to another and we have the same PVC (same names) with all data. We tried to deploy XTRADB Cluster with Operator and we tried to use the same PVC, but the operator created only the master pod and crashed. If it any possibility to describe for the operator to use the same/existing databases in the PVC, or somehow attach them?

Later we did a change on the file system, grastate.dat file. We attached the volume to different POD, then edited the file, we changed the parameter from false to true, safe_to_bootstrap: 1 and save it. Then we detach the volume from POD and tried to start XtraDB cluster deployment again and it worked properly, no issues. So now we try to understand why the operator parameter “forceUnsafeBootstrap: true” does differently? Why with this parameter the deployment still not working.

And maybe someone can provide, another proper way to deploy new XtraDB Cluster (K8S) with the operator with existing PVC.


Could you provide the logs if “forceUnsafeBootstrap: true”.