Deploy high availability Percona on Multi-AZ in AWS

Hello Experts,

It’s my first time with the Percona db and I need to prepare a technical plan to deploy Percona db cluster on multi-AZ in AWS including the following:

  1. How much time I will need to deploy it.
  2. How I can perform a load/performance test for it considering the following:
  • 3 nodes = X read transactions/s and Y write transactions/s
  • 5 nodes = X read transactions/s and Y write transactions/s

Appreciate your support.


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Hello @Haytham,
The amount of time you need to deploy depends on how familiar you are with everything. I teach a PXC training class every couple weeks so it would probably take me about 10-20m to setup a 3-node multi-az cluster. The “multi-az” aspect is irreverent regarding time. You simply launch node 1 in az 1, then launch node 2 in az 2, etc. Ideally, create a private network shared between each VPC in each AZ for easier networking.

The de-facto standard is to use sysbench for testing/load-performance. Plenty of articles on the web demonstrating this.

Be sure to integrate proxysql into your build to handle load balancing and high-availability aspects of your cluster.


Thanks for your reply.

Is there a document or something can I refer back to it to see the full architecture ?


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I don’t have any documents. That would be something we would create for you as a client as part of an Architecture and Design engagement with our consultants. Here’s something I found, though: Best Practices for Percona XtraDB Cluster on AWS - Percona Database Performance Blog