Percona Cluster DR 1 node in aws

Today I have 1 percona cluster with 3 nodes in my local datacenter, I am wanting to create 1 more node in aws to be my disaster recover.

I’m not getting many timeout issues.

Can someone help me?

I am not sure what do you need help with?
You may find notes about adding nodes here:

Most important thing in this case may be network latency from the current DC to AWS - please note that it will affect transaction commit response times, as Galera needs new writes acknowledged from all the cluster members. Another problem may be if WAN link is unstable - it may disrupt the existing cluster as well. So it’s best to test the link first before proceeding.
Please also check:

I had seen the presentation on youtube and I ended up copying some things from the …

I’ll check the links you gave me, thank you very much for the help.