Default notifications in PMM for mysql

I have configured PMM and want to use default notifications for MySQL.

Notifications are coming but with agent ID whereas I want to have them Node Name instead, any idea where to edit and configure default notification for mysql.

I need to add the node name in the subject of the alert and doing this like below but its not working.
Alert is coming but with agent ID of the node which is not usefull:

[FIRING:1] pmm_mysql_replication_sql_running Alerting Rule PMM_MySQL_Alerts (/agent_id/35785d94-4d56-4984-aa26-36823c509d94 mysqld_exporter DR

@farhan.ext Follow the below Grafana community link.

Dear @Naresh9999 ,
I checked and there is many other things but not the answer of my question.

Seems alerting and notification still needs a lot of development to be correct and work as per the desire