Default helm installation not working on minikube

this is the log from the init pod, no errors apparently:

Hello @Liviu_Stoica !

I would recommend in the future to ask operator related question in this forums section: Percona Operator for MongoDB - Percona Community Forum

And for the question, which operator version are you trying and on which minikube version?
Also can you paste your helm command together with values used so we can try to reproduce it.
Do you have more logs (operator logs, kubernetes events, pod/container logs) - where exactly is it visible that it is not working (it’s not clear from your picture)?


Hi @Tomislav_Plavcic

thanks for your reply. Sure here my answers.

I’ve posted it here because the operator seems working fine, but the server is not:

minikube version: v1.30.1 (docker driver)
docker deckstop 4.20.1
helm Version:“v3.12.1”
mac os ventura 13.4.1 (22F82) M2 CHIP
percona operator and server: latest

helm install my-op percona/psmdb-operator
helm install my-db percona/psmdb-db

I’ve been following the official helm instructions

but also following the instructions for the minikube installations leads to the same issue

the only errors I get in the logs of the operator are:

2023-06-28T08:55:59.281Z ERROR Reconciler error {“controller”: “psmdb-controller”, “object”: {“name”:“my-db-psmdb-db”,“namespace”:“default”}, “namespace”: “default”, “name”: “my-db-psmdb-db”, “reconcileID”: “eebf5a4a-490b-4e20-980e-709907380472”, “error”: “Operation cannot be fulfilled on perconaservermongodbs psmdb percona com "my-db-psmdb-db": the object has been modified; please apply your changes to the latest version and try again”}

2023-06-28T08:56:09.453Z ERROR failed to reconcile cluster {“controller”: “psmdb-controller”, “object”: {“name”:“my-db-psmdb-db”,“namespace”:“default”}, “namespace”: “default”, “name”: “my-db-psmdb-db”, “reconcileID”: “4ce8bbf5-dd2c-4c77-8061-dd5e7213ad90”, “replset”: “rs0”, “error”: “handleReplsetInit: no mongod containers in running state”, “errorVerbose”: "no mongod containers in running state\

and the logs from the server are:

Defaulted container “mongod” out of: mongod, backup-agent, mongo-init (init)

Hi @Liviu_Stoica !

So the problem is that database docker images currently do not support arm and M1/M2 for Mac (at least with operators).

The build team has started to create some arm docker images recently and you may try to use them: Docker

Currently our operators docs for Minikube say: “macOS system using a system-wide hypervisor, such as VirtualBox, KVM/QEMU, VMware Fusion or Hyper-V” so it is not supported officially, but for test it should be ok.

thank you very much @Tomislav_Plavcic it makes completely sense

I would just suggest to maybe mention it in the system requirements page System requirements - Percona Operator for MongoDB

Also to explicit inside the minikube docs that arm architectures are not supported

Best regards

Good suggestion! I have notified the documentation engineer.