Databases on different harddrives


In my setup i put databases onto a different harddrives

In my /var/lib/mysql folder i got symbolic links linking to storages on external drives.

Problem is that during SST, whole /var/lib/mysql directory is beeing cleared along with symbolic links. The harddrive on which folder /var/lib/mysql is located does not contain enough storage space to fit all databases therefore whole node recovery procedure fails.

I increased galera cache to reduce the probability of SST, but in case of serious problem when i have to keep node down for longer time, SST may be necessary. In case of SST i have to attach additional storage to fit all databases, wait for SST complete, take node down, move databases to apropriate storages, move /var/lib/mysql to apropriate stoarge and restart node.
I would preferer SST not to be such a hassle in my configuration.

What is the correct setup for such case ? (Databases on multiple hard drives) ?


use LVM with those drives

Hi umarzuki. I am using it but do not know how is it supposed to help.

What is the connection between lvm and percona database ?

LVM is used to group hard disks so next time you just insert a new hard disk and add it to your DBs LVM group and increase partitions/logical volume’s size