Database storage engine


few days ago, developers told me that they want a INNODB database. Well if im not wrong MySQL supports innodb storage engine ) but I don’t know the way to specifiy this. I only know we can ALTER TABLE to INNODB when we are working with the new database.

The problem is when developers WATCH database throught PHPMYADMIN, they see MYISAM as Storage Database. They see all tables like INNODB but in the bottom of phpmyadmin, they see MYISAM and they are complaining about this.

Im not sure if I created database wrong or something…

I hope I have explained well my doubt :confused:

We are running MYSQL 5.0.77

Thanks a lot guys )

InnoDB is available. If you set default_storage_engine=innodb in my.cnf, then all new tables will be created as InnoDB by default, unless you choose a different engine explicitly.

Hi xaprb

I understand Innodb is available, my doubt is, if all tables are Innodb, they will take advangtage of innodb configuration of my.cnf? even if phpmadmind shows database is MyISAM?

I know is a silly question!

Thanks )