Can we have rocksdb as the one and only on-disk storage engine for percona mysql 8.0.x

Is it possible to have rocksdb as the only storage engine that stores data on-disk?

It seems like ‘skip_innodb’ config parameter has been deprecated and innodb made mandatory from 5.7 onwards.

Is there a email thread or forum posting that discusses this? What are the changes, either in code or configuration, that need to be made so that we have only rocksdb writing to disk.

Hello @D_T,
Starting in MySQL 8, the core system dictionary tables that MySQL uses to store table metadata, manage schemas, stored procedures, user accounts, etc became InnoDB tables. These used to be .frm files back in 5.7 and before. Thus it is now impossible to run MySQL without some InnoDB.
You can SET GLOBAL default_storage_engine=RocksDB so that all tables created without specifying the ENGINE will be created as MyRocks but you would still be able to override manually by saying ENGINE=INNODB.

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