Custom Query : not showing up?

I’ve tried creating a custom query to check for partitions older than a certain date to assist in data retention management.
I’ve added a query to :

custom_mysql_partition_check: ## The namespace (prefix of the metric name) for the custom query.
    query: "select count(1) as CNT,TABLE_SCHEMA, TABLE_NAME from information_schema.partitions where table_name = '[tablename]' and str_to_date( replace(PARTITION_DESCRIPTION,"'","") , '%Y-%m-%d' ) <= date_add(date_add(LAST_DAY(NOW()),interval 1 DAY),interval -4 MONTH) GROUP BY TABLE_SCHEMA,TABLE_NAME;"
      - COUNT:
         usage: "COUNTER"
         description: "Number of old partitions"
      - TABLE_NAME:
         usage: "LABEL"
         description: "Table name"
         usage: "LABEL"
         description: "Partition Name"
         usage: "LABEL"
         description: "Schema Name"

howewever, I’m not seeing the custom query in the dashboard dropdown under advanced data exploration, but nor am I seeing any errors in my pmm-agent.log

Have I missed something in how to enable the custom queries or the parsing of the path and yml file of the custom queries?

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Hi @Andrew2,
Have you restarted pmm-agent or mysqld_exporter?

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