creating users with different privileges for login to PMM

By default, when we click pmm-server URL , it is taking us to summary dashboard homepage without asking user and password. Is it possible to change this default behavior? And also, if we want to create different users with different privileges for example one user for development team and one for DB team, is it possible to do these creations in recent version.

I have installed recent version pmm 1.11.0

I changed default behavior of without asking credentials to login PMM by this…ord-protection

Need assistance for creating users with different privileges for login to PMM.

Hello Jagannath thanks for your question and for installing PMM, I was just about to send you to that page! :slight_smile:
At the moment we don’t have the ability to have different views for different roles, I am afraid.
However, the product is under constant review and I will add this request to the list for consideration. It’s already known as something that could be popular I think.

Thanks lorraine.pocklington for your feedback and consideration, eagerly waiting for that release!

Just wondering if this feature already exist in new release :slight_smile: I use version 1.17.1 at the moment

We also really miss some kind of role based access. Also we now need to enter the “master password” on all servers in order to connect them, I would expect a random password / server could be used :expressionless:

Please do consider upvoting the request on Jira here is the URL

The more interest that is shown in this, the greater likelihood of it being addressed. Thanks!