Create new ibdata file on slave


I have a master-slave setup running on Amazon EC2. The innodb data file is 900GB. The master is vanilla mysql while the slave is the latest percona server. I am going to tweak the slave to get the best performance as possible then make it the master.

I would like to create a second ibdata file on the slave, on a different volume. Would this break replication at all (I will “stop slave” during this process)? I would guess it is fine if the slave has different configuration than the master. Just want to check.

Thanks for your help.

No it will not break replication.

MySQL replication is simply that the slave is redoing all sql queries that modify the data on master.

So the master and the slave can have very different settings.
The the only thing to watch out for is if you have made a change in the design of the table on the slave and then you drop and re create the table on the master at which point all modifications to the slave will of course be lost in the drop.