CRDs for Postgres Operator v1.4

I am trying to use Percona Postgres Operator v1.4, but this operator doesn’t have a self-descriptive CRDs.
It is not possible to understand what options are available.
The only thing that is available is cr.yaml

Does the cr.yaml contain all the configuration options?
Do you have any additional details about the available options?

Are you looking for this?

@hedgss you are right we do not have it for PG v1. But we have self-descriptive CRDs for v2 which will be GA in a few days. So, I suggest testing PG v2 operator.

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I saw the CRDs for v1.4, but they are not self-descriptive.
You provided a link to the v2 CRD. The 2nd version is much better, but I am unsure if it is compatible with the v1.
I cannot prepare a PostgresCluser manifest just using the CRD v1.

Do you know when will PGv2 be available on operatorhub?