CPU Usage

I looking at the graphs for CPU usage and I’m getting values with ‘u’ and ‘m’. Can you explain to me what these mean?

Also I’m looking at the graphs of the Daily (5 min average) and the other graphs. The values for the “Daily (5 min average)” on the ‘y’ axis exceeds 500. However, the values for all other graphs only reach 400 and reflects the increase by 100 with each added virtual CPU (it’s a four core processor).

Below are examples of the Daily and Weekly graphs. Thanks.


graph_image week.png

Check this out http://forums.cacti.net/viewtopic.php?t=8168

Thanks. My other question is the reason why the graphs go up to ‘500’ on the daily but only ‘400’ on the weekly.

Are you saying that you have got 500 with 4 core processor?
Can you attach the bigger images?