CPU Core details on Prometheus Dashboard

Hi Team,

I am trying to add the CPU Core details on the prometheus dashboard, i have got the sample json file from the link " CPU Utilization Details (Cores) dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs "

In that it is asking for $host – which value i have to provide in it could you please help me on this.


Hi Vamshi,

Can you try this one: Grafana?

The one in your link I believe is from PMM v1. If you’re using v2, it might not work.

Hey Barrett,

i am using grafana and prometheus
do you have any query to be added on the dashboard so that i can get the metrics of CPU Core

Hi Vamshi,

Variable $host is formed by values of parameter instance for node_cpu metrics.

You should check what parameters names are used in your installation. The easiest way is to use Explore page.

Parameter node_name is used in PMM2

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can i monitor docker containers with PMM ?

You may use a docker exporter and add it for PMM monitoring as an external service.


i have checked in my infra but i didnt find anything on it could you please explain a bit more on that please

No docker exporter is included into pmm2-client package. So you should use any available exporter that fetches docker metrics.
Next exporter is used in the provided earlier example.