continous task

Ok, I’m stuck again :confused:

I have 2 problems now (one lies withing mysql, and the other I just hope you know the answer :o )

a continuous task is the main one…

how do I create one?? and how do create an efficient one (mysql talkin’)

I tried with this

while(1){		$starttime=time();		//your cron actions here		//select all the ended builts		$sql="SELECT * FROM twwbuilds WHERE endtime<$starttime";		$query=mysql_query($sql);		$rows=mysql_num_rows($query);		if($rows!=0)		{			$rs=mysql_fetch_assoc($query);			do			{				$buildid=$rs["buildid"];				$sql="DELETE FROM twwbuilds WHERE buildid=$buildid";//much more code goes here, like updating the level of the building and stuff //besides building are not the only thing that need continuos checkin'...attacks and marketplace needs it too				$query2=mysql_query($sql);			}while($rs=mysql_fetch_assoc($query));		}		sleep(5);	}</pre>

I open the page and the task executes well as long as I keep the page open (YET here’s one of my questions…it’s efficient to do it this way??) when I close the page the task executes for like 1 minute then stops…how do I prevent this??

I REALLY need to continualy check if a building is over and the only way I have found is this continuos task.

or if you have a better way please tell me :confused: my head-aches already ( :o