Automatic KILL QUERY

Dear All,
I have a scenario where I notice in my log file for few different instances there is one query running and another one is called and kills the former running query.I have check into my application there is no place I have “KILL QUERY” what is the possible of this happening? Any idea? Thank you.

It’s not automatic, something or someone is actually executing a KILL.

Dear Xaprb,
I am using .net connetor in my C# application but none from application is the “KILL QUERY” that I am very sure. Besides what I notice is that even though I have a fresh installation of mysql and not any system linked to it when I do a “SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST” some houw there will 2 or 3 connections sleeping? Any reasons?

check for any cron job also

Dear Yogesh,
No there is no any cron job as I am not running it on a server.What else can be a mistake is the commandtimeout? Thank you.