Configure SSL with Percona MySQL Operator

Running a single node cluster on Microk8s
Can connect and the database seems to work
Now trying to configure the database to accept an SSL connection
Using this article
From reading this link I understand that the ssl configuration should be done automatically
I had already installed the cert-manager so did not follow the steps on this issue
it seems the operator does not create the SSL secret
and the connection with SSL is always refused
deleting and applying the operator again did not change anything

I set this property so I can run in a single node configuration (do not know if it has anything to do with the my issue)

allowUnsafeConfigurations: true

any help will be appreciated

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Hi @Nehemia

TLS/SSL configuration is done automatically only if allowUnsafeConfigurations: false
you can follow Generate certificates manually section in the documentation if you want to use TLS on a single-node configuration

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