Compiling Percona Server on 64-Bit SmartOS (illumos)

I’m trying to compile Percona Server 64-bit on SmartOS, (an Illumos derivative which came from Solaris). It compiles to about 90%, but then fails due to PAM not being present. If I understand correctly, this is because SmartOS doesn’t use PAM and therefore MySQL can’t use PAM for authentication. I found one post where someone suggested just removing the PAM piece from the plugin directory in the source code. If that is not present, how will MySQL process logins? Do I enable to compile in something else instead?

Yes. You can either remove the pam plugin folder or add this parameter -DWITH_PLUGIN_AUTH_PAM=0 when compiling on Solaris.

You can still authenticate to MySQL using its traditional authentication system. The only thing you will be missing when the PAM is not installed is being able to configure MySQL to authenticate from external systems such as /etc/shadow, LDAP or Active Directory.