Closing Percona Discord and Percona Community Slack

As of 19 May 2023 we will be shutting down the Percona Community Discord and Slack in favor of the Percona Community Forums.

We want to ensure the best experience for our community, and we do not see as much engagement in our real-time channels as we do with the Percona Forum.

We also find that real-time channels are less effective for providing asynchronous support, and the responses are not easy to find for those who may have the same questions in the future. We want to ensure that when community users share their wisdom and knowledge it’s not easily lost.

If you haven’t yet, please create an account and join us on the Percona Community Forum. If you have questions or comments, please email us at We also welcome members of the community to submit a blog, participate in a podcast, submit bug reports, and make contributions to our projects. See the How to Contribute page on for more information.

Thanks for being part of the Percona Community and we look forward to your questions and answers on the Percona Community Forum.

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