Changing Timezone from UTC to local time

Hi There,

We want to change the Timezone of the Queries which are showing in dashboard from UTC to Local time. Please let me know how to change this setting.


Hi akhilr@ebutor
I think you want to go into Metrics Monitor Settings > Timezone and configure for Local browser time.


Thanks Michael Coburn

But, I am looking in Query Analytics. Is there something that I need to change in Database end?

we have http://pmm-ip/qan2/ experimental interface.
it has the UTC switcher, see screenshot below

Will the same possible for qan?

Also please share any docs on how to migrate to qan2 from qan?

Thank you

Hi Akhil,

temporary, we have http://pmm-ip/qan/ and http://pmm-ip/qan2/ interfaces simultaneously.
you can use any of them right now.
they show the same information from QAN API.
We are researching better UI/UX representation right now, so http://pmm-ip/qan2/ was created as an experimental thing.

you don’t need to do any migration or manipulations, just use any of interface which you like.
if you like old interface use http://pmm-ip/qan/ link
if you want to try a new one - use http://pmm-ip/qan2/ link.

Thank you. Its working :slight_smile: