Change timezone for my setup


All of my servers are set for EDT/EST. Our PMM virtual machine is set for UTC. Right now our servers are sending Linux and Mongo information to the PMM server. But when we look at the graphs the activity shows does not show up in the right place. For instance - I’m currently seeing activity for the last 15 minutes that is showing up on the graph 4-5 hours ago.

How can I fix this?

Hi stevec, what version of PMM are you using, please? There’s a bug report about timezone but that should be fixed in the latest versions.

There is, on that report, mention of it working well in Firefox and Safari but not in Chrome.

Anyway if you could just update with a few details about version etc, then we can take a look if you still have a problem.

Hi, I’m using the 1.9.0 - OVA version loaded on our ESXi environment. To web browse to the console I’m using Firefox.

I upgraded my server instance from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1 and that resolved my graph/time issue. Graphs are now properly growing from right to left, with the correct time shown.

That’s good news - and thanks for letting us know that it worked out, appreciated!