Change/add HTTP auth user

I would like to add another HTTP auth user, or if that’s not possible, just change the username/password to something suitable to share with others in my org. How can this be accomplished?


Hi bmorton, thank you for this feature request. At the moment this is not supported.

I have logged this request as

Thank you Roel! Is it possible to just change my password?

I am interested in this as well. I entered my own username and password upon installation and now that I am ready to share it with my coworkers I would like to be able to change the user and/or password. I am using the VMware OVF

Hi Tim Schmolzi , bmorton

Thanks for your interest in this feature. We don’t have a method currently to change the username or password on a running instance. Rather when we ship our PMM 2.0 release we will be re-working the security model and at that time we’ll have a chance to implement password change that makes it consistent for authentication to all PMM resources.

You can add a new user on PMM Grafana Docker Container if you’re logged with admin permissions.

Go to Configuration -> Server Admin -> +Add new user and set the username, password and role. If you have trouble logging in as the new created user, it could be due to nginx webserver not allowing it. Just login to the container shell:

docker exec -it “CONTAINER ID” bash

check /var/log/nginx/error.log. If you read something like " "user “NEW USER” was not found in “/srv/nginx/.htpasswd”, you’ll have to either edit /etc/nginx/conf.d/pmm.conf and comment auth_basic entry or edit /srv/nginx/.htpasswd and add a new line with “NEW USER”:“Hashed Password” or "NEW USER:{PLAIN}“Plain text Password”. You might need to restart nginx. You can then login to PMM with the newly created user.