Adding new users

I’ve scoured the documentation for this and can’t find what i’m looking for. Hopefully i’ve not missed something obvious.

How do you add additional users to pmm? on first login it asks you for username, password and optionally public key. This all works as expected and i can use chrome to login and ssh access works as well.

I need to be able to share this with members of the DBA team and i would like to be able to give each of them their own logins so not everyone needs to know the admin credentials. Is this possible?

i’ve got round it somewhat by adding entries to the .htaccess file manually but this isn’t particularly manageable when the team has around 25 members who change of a fairly frequent basis. We’d also like to be able to open up access to application teams so they can perform some level of self service on performance diagnostics.

Grafana has the concept of users and organisations but the nginx configuration seems to block all access until a user has logged in to it.

Thanks in advance

oh, forgot to mention, pmm is deployed on a virtual machine, not docker

It is very important thing for us.
We have plenty of internal discussions about this issue.
thank you for your feedback, I have added your post to the internal ticket.

if you want to use both htaccess and internal grafana authorizations simultaneously it is possible to disable this grafana behaviour.
but it will be unsupported custom modification which can broke update process.
do you need instructions?

Thank you,

Its not an emergency for us at the moment as we are only evaluating using the tooling. As long as you have it on your roadmap and a solution implemented we should be ok.

This is exactly my concern!

Grafana users and organisations are unusable because of nginx access control.

Somehow related to this is the ticket I’ve opened explaining that the HTTP auth user must be the same in the clients that the one used in the server.

Both problems are derived from a poor authentication mechanism desing. (Understand me, PMM is a great piece of software but in my opinion this is a weakness that prevents me sharing PMM with the DEV team).