Can't find where to Configure remote writes on pmm2-server (docker)


Hi, I’m using pmm2-server (latest) docker and i need to configure it to remote write to a different TSBD, couldn’t find any documentation about it.

the setup is a pmm2-server that runs on docker and pmm2-clients running along side mysql on ec2s.

couldn’t find any information regarding this.

Hi @Erez_Gilron,

Here is pretty old blogpost about how can you extend configuration, it’s still should work for Victoria Metrics.

Please let me know if it helped you.

Hi, Thanks but this isn’t helping,
i’m using pmm2-server docker and there’s no prometheus.yml or /srv/prometheus/prometheus.base.yml

i did find that i can run the vmagent exporter in the server with the -remoteWrite.url flag, but for it to perform as expected, a prometheus config is required aswell.
there’s the file located at /etc/victoriametrics-promscrape.yml, but this configuration is related to the pmm-server metrics without all the pmm-client targets.
so what i found is a way to remote write only the server metrics, while i have multiple pmm-clients writing to the server.

i wish to get all the metrics from the server and forward them to a different TSDB (this case, coralogix) from the pmm-server without the need to run the vmagent on each instance where pmm-client is installed

hope i’m able to explain my issue.

thanks :slight_smile:

you should create that file and it will be used as base file during generation of /etc/victoriametrics-promscrape.yml