Cannot install Xtra Backup 2.4 on Bookworm

I am trying to install Xtra Backup 2.4 (for use with MySQL 5.7) on a fresh installation of Debian Bookworm. I have installed the percona-release utility, and used it to successfully install xtra backup 8.0. I have run percona-release enable pxb-24 and apt update, with no errors.

Every time I run apt install percona-xtrabackup-24 I get an error:

Package percona-xtrabackup-24 is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source

If I run apt-cache search percona-xtrabackup, I only get a hit for percona-xtrabackup-80 and a couple other things that aren’t 2.4. If I run percona-release show I get:

  • prel - release
  • pxb-24 - release
  • pxb-80 - release
  • tools - release

I can’t figure out what the problem is. The source for 2.4 is present, I’ve run apt update, and I’ve installed 8.0. For some reason, 2.4 can’t be found, and so can’t be installed. Can someone suggest anything else I can try? Thank you.

Hello @AlexHall,
We currently don’t support MySQL 5.7 nor Xtrabackup 2.4 on Debian 12. The operation and engineering costs to maintain such old software compatibility with modern operating systems is too much, especially given that MySQL 5.7 and any associated tools will EOL in less than 2 months.

Additionally, there are not yet even official Oracle MySQL 8 versions for Bookworm.

Your best actions here are to stand up a Debian 11, install 5.7 and PXB 2.4, create the replica, upgrade the replica to 8, install PXB 8, create a backup of 8, stand up Deb 12, install mysql 8/pxb 8 and restore the replica.

Thank you for the prompt reply. This might explain my problem. I wish I could update to MySQL 8, but some software we use relies on 5.7 and has not yet been updated to work with 8.x. We’ll set up a Debian 11 server and try it on that one.

Hi Alex,

There is no pxb-24 package for bookworm in release repo.
The latest PXB version was released in April but Debian 12.0 was initially released on June 10th.

You may find the required package in pxb-24 testing repo.

That worked, thank you. I’ll have to see what the rest of the team wants to do, since this is test software that Percona won’t be supporting, but at least we have something for the moment.

Can you provide details here? I cannot fathom a situation where software won’t work with MySQL 8 since 5.7 and 8 speak the same protocol. The only issue that most people have is the new password algorithm in MySQL 8 but you can ignore that and continue using the 5.7 algorithm without any issues.

The main culprit is Request Tracker from Best Practical. However, in searching out the forum topic that talks about this problem (use of a reserved word in 8.0 as a table name), I discovered that RT 5.0.4 introduces compatibility for MySQL 8.0. Thanks for making me find this! There’s one other bit of software that hasn’t moved to 8.0 yet, but it’s not critical.

Ah, yes, the lovely GROUPS keyword. I wrote about it :smiley:

Yes, if Best Practical had just put backquotes around their table and column names in their queries, this wouldn’t have been a problem. At least they fixed it with a whole five months to spare, despite knowing about the problem for more than five years.